Welcome to Matupi township
in Chin State

Matupi township

There are two main roads to reach Matupi; one from Mindat which is 102 miles and the other one from Hakha which is 173 miles in distance. Along the roads, travellers will appreciate eye catching scenery with breath taking views. The locals are in several tribes and they all are extremely amiable and affectionately beautiful. Matupi has abundant of tourist attractions including the famous nine-tier Bungtla waterfall.

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Bungtla Waterfall

Bungtla waterfall is the highest waterfall in Chin State. It is 26 km away from Matupi Town.  It is a nine-tier waterfall with the height of 457 m. Even though Bungtla is in nine levels, only 5 levels are available to reach. It can be reached by car from Hakha, Mindat and Sami towns.