Welcome to Tonzang township
in Chin State

Tonzang township

Ton Zang Township is a township of Falam District in the northern Chin State. The 3,417.24- square-kilometre Ton Zang Township is bordered by Tedim Township in the south, Kalay Township of the Sagaing Division in the sourth-east, Tamu Township of The Sagiang Division in the north-east, the Indian state of Manipur in the north and the Indian state of Mizoram in the west. The word “Ton” means “Staying together” and the word “Zang” means “Residence”. At the entrance of Ton Zan, there are inscription monuments called Mual Swaung, where histories of Ton Zang can be studied.

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The Tropical of Cancer

The tropic of cancer passes through 27/22 milestone, EA553997 map indication, at 23 ½ ‘North latitude of Tedim-Tonzang main road. The ministry of road construction erected a memorial stone at where the tropic of cancer passes through beside Manipur River and Tedim-Tonzang main road. In Myanmar, the tropic of cancer passes through Tagaung and Kutkhai Towns in addition to Tedim.

Mual Suang @ Monuments

Chin people erected Mual Suang @ Monuments besides the road and good location with natural beauty at the entrance and exit of the villages. Before the literature was highly developed, some semiotics and symbols were incised on the monuments. Chin people incised letters and symbols only after the literature was widely studied. On these days, only Chin literature, Myanmar literature and English literature are carved instead of some symbols in the past.